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The Clown

"At times I wonder, if I'm behind that colorful mask that I wear. Perhaps, I don't have a face. It's just a procession of hundred eyes trying to see inside me.... where I'd stopped existing a long time back. But if you smile you'll probably find me in one corner of your eyes."


Future: An Introduction Sep 28, 2007 |

"I can listen to the echoes from the past" she said.

"I'm thinking about you now" he confessed.

And went away.

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Forever, Again Sep 21, 2007 |

So that she never meets him again, he was absconding from her sight when she became blind and started seeing him everywhere.

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The Best Healer Sep 20, 2007 |

Walking untimely, he entered the bazaar of dilemma. It had all the most wonderful of goods, all of it free. Yet no one bought any of it - none of them sure what to buy.

Smiling at the indecisive commuters, he walked through them to a stall where they sold dreams and asked - "Which one's the best healer of all dilemmas? I want to take all their indecision away."

The shopkeeper, true to his characteristics, started unfolding in front of him one dream after another. He was about to object that surely all of them couldn't have been the best, when he realized that each of them in the bazaar were looking for the same thing and for the same reasons.

Walking untimely, he found a new commuter had entered the bazaar of dilemma.

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Choices Sep 17, 2007 |

When she slept on the grass, it seemed she were a plant. And if you'd pluck one of her leaves she'd no longer be able to express her pain.

When she slept on the winds, it seemed she were a cloud. And if there's a storm she'd breakdown in happiness.

When she slept on a palm, it seemed she were a child. And if her mother returned she'd smile in her sleep.

When she slept in my eyes, it seemed she were aglow. And if the angels came, they'd burn in her flame.

When she slept inside me, it seemed she were awake. And if ever she were to wake up from the others, she promised she'd sleep inside me.

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