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The Clown

"At times I wonder, if I'm behind that colorful mask that I wear. Perhaps, I don't have a face. It's just a procession of hundred eyes trying to see inside me.... where I'd stopped existing a long time back. But if you smile you'll probably find me in one corner of your eyes."


Insomnia Jun 29, 2007 |

The first raindrop fell in his eyes as he lay awake in the field.

The second raindrop fell in his eyes as he lay awake in the field.

The third raindrop fell in his eyes as he lay awake in the field.

The fourth raindrop fell...


And later, when it was quite late, the fountains rolled down his cheek. His tears lingered in the rain; his corpse about to catch cold.

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The Poetess & A Fool Jun 17, 2007 |

She said she loved him because he was symbolical to a line that stretched to infinity from both sides of her life.

"A line does always start from a point", she said. "... And then, it rolls on to places unknown on the opposite directions - to an ultimate unending. You're just like that."

"Well, that's fine", he replied "but I still don't get why you love me. I mean, shouldn't you rather fall in love with a line?"

"Actually, I had. There was a time when I loved the line passionately. But then, I came to realize that what I was really looking for in the line was some property in a man I could possibly fall in love with. And I kept searching until I found you."

"So, you wouldn't have loved me if I wasn't ... ummm... like a line?"

"O, what a foolish question. You couldn't have been anything but a replica of the line. It's your essence. I'd always love you."

And for the first time, he felt sad that she loved him.

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Food: An Introductory Tongue-twister Jun 12, 2007 |

The docter who has to be treet himm was not good to Inglish. They want to made himm non-sense for the operation. He need to ordered "Chloroform" but he written insted "Chrorophyll". When he injections himm he becomed green.

On sunny day, his kichen door locks.

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A Journal on Time & Space Jun 8, 2007 |

Yesterday, for the first time the night was dark. You were right! It really is beautiful. And very well designed too.

I remember the times you wanted to teach me the handicraft. Said I could too weave a blanket out of darkness. And I had kept stumbling in the blinding whiteness.

But it shan't be wrong ever again. Yesterday I fixed your left eye to synchronize with the right. At last I can breathe in your darkness.

Yesterday, for the first time again the night is dark.

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I'll Sing Them for You Jun 7, 2007 |

One day while walking he had stepped on the breeze and it had cracked. The breeze was a long entangled chain. The crack spread to spaces unknown.

And then people said no one spoke to them.

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