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The Clown

"At times I wonder, if I'm behind that colorful mask that I wear. Perhaps, I don't have a face. It's just a procession of hundred eyes trying to see inside me.... where I'd stopped existing a long time back. But if you smile you'll probably find me in one corner of your eyes."


Divorce Feb 3, 2007 |

Within the sameness of her two palms rested his lonesome head. Perfectly balanced. And still there was no blood. Was he this anemic? The gunmen had promised there'd be blood. She couldn't move until there was some.

She had checked this morning with her favorite machine - she had shed a few pounds.

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Sins: The Kiss Feb 1, 2007 |

Her words were always crisp in the last lights of the dusk. A few of us broke them and kept under our tongues. They melted late into the night as we lingered in the tastes of first adolescence.

After her father died, she became unusually silent. We concluded, therefore, nothing she said were her own words.

We wanted to rinse our mouths.

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